USCIS Service and Office Locator Services Overview ยป

Filing services: There are no direct filings of applications at an ASC. Services after you file The only *after* filing service provided by an ASC is fingerprinting related to an application for an immigration benefit based on an appointment.

By mail customers are notified of an appointment or are asked to call customer service to schedule an appointment. ASCs do not directly provide Case Services relating to the status of applications or other associated services.

Appointments they make: USCIS may schedule an appointment at an ASC as your cases is processed. It is important that you make every effort to make that appointment. Not appearing will at least delay your case. It may mean certain processing steps will have to be repeated. It may also affect eligibility for benefits, and could mean the denial of your application or petition. The appointment notice will explain alternatives if you cannot make your appointment. Appointments you can make For certain services USCIS let you make your own appointment. Follow the instructions on the form instruction or the notice that is sent you. It is important you make your appointment promptly to ensure that the processing of your case is not affected. More information is provided on the USCIS locator page.

See "Office Locator" pane below to find the office nearest you.

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